Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bring on the New Year!

What does a New Year mean to me? It means adding to the memories with family, friends and life in general. I suppose a New Year always feels like a new start, a way to let go of any of the bad from the previous year in hopes that the next one will be better---but I embrace those bad times because it made me grow and learn, gain perspective. The last year was full of memories of seeing my son do so many firsts--first foods, first crawling, first steps & walking, first kisses, first "I love you", first camping trips, first trip to Disneyland, first trip out of state...and it goes on. The year was also full of trials between my husband and I and the lack of quality time we got together. To watch our son grow and pour so much love into him left little else for anyone else...but another year of learning who we are and that we could make it through that, be strong and persevere through.
Bittersweet is the word most often used, isn't it?
So, this New Year for me means more "firsts" with my son...and more date nights with my husband, the end of nursing and letting my body recover (we have no exact end date, but I know it is this year),  gaining some weight and getting healthified in maybe preparation for another pregnancy...maybe, moving from this house to another (that story will come when I am ready), continuing to save money, learning ways to shop healthier and finishing the baby album that is always a work in progress---and most importantly, strengthening my relationship with my Savior. Happy New Year!

These are the pictures from our New Year with friends Priscilla, Ashley, Nicole, their significant others and all their babies...Kiedis, Gavin and Cadence as well as some other older kids...we know how to party, haha.

Taken right at the New Year! (Yep, Eli was awake for it!)


  1. i love it! your such an awesome blogger! i love reading your stories...and thank you for always posting pix of my sister and nephew, i can never get enough of them <3 Happy New Year 2 u and your family

  2. Aaaw, thank you! I've been messing with it lately a lot. If you were closer you for sure would be in a lot of these photos!


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