Thursday, January 12, 2012

Healthy Eating Update~

After a couple weeks in healthy eating...I've found some of my own observations/recommendations.
  1. Fruit isn't just for breakfast. Add it to a salad..why not?
  2. The more color in a meal the more appetizing. It means that there is variety within the dish which means more foods to cross off the pyramid!
  3. Simple is best. I have spent hours in the kitchen before only to conjure up a dish that most certainly tasted delicious but wasn't necessarily healthy.
  4. Organic milk and eggs are cheaper at Trader Joe's...but not everything. In order to get the most out of our money, it was more economical to shop at different places. For instance we found that our local grocery store didn't have that many options for organic produce or variety wise it was best to shop at Trader Joe's...but not for all things. For our budget total organic eating was sort of hard...but we have made the change for good with eggs, milk and chicken. When we can find our favorite produce organically and cheap we buy it! You have to do some homework to make it work.
  5. Making healthyish snacks in between meals made us more likely to not over indulge.
  6. Use whole wheat flour in place of regular flour, honey in place of sugar, whole wheat pasta in place of regular and add herbs to help from over salting dishes...
  7. Have fun looking for things to make on the Internet...the more fun it is the more likely to keep with it!
My hubby is still on his Juice Cleanse, working towards his 3rd week. I find it amazing that he is losing inches and pounds so quickly. I think it is definitely not for the faint of heart...or weak of stomach. He literally only drinks juice...only fruits and vegetables. He's always been an active man, but his metabolism is not like mine and he's not nursing...(haha) so it was a struggle to lose the weight..but this, this is working for him.
Aand it's made meal preparation pretty easy for me...LOL!
Eli loves variety...just like me. The more on my plate the happier I am!
Just seasoned the salmon and broiled it using olive yummy! (Keeping it simple!)
I used my husband's juicing pulp to make muffins. They were dense and more of a breakfast muffin since they were so filling. I used whole wheat flour and sugar added. 
Substitute with whole wheat pasta...and ground turkey.
That smile says it all. I love that at the end of a meal, I  feel like I have done right by him by feeding him well:)
Tofu Chocolate Pudding
1 pack tofu
4tbsp honey
1tbsp instant coffee (I used decaf)
2tbsp Peanut Butter
2tbsp Carob Powder
1 Banana
Mix in a blender (this gets it creamy) and is so packed with protein and tastes yummy!!!
Whole Wheat Pizza Crust
1pack fast rising active yeast
1tbsp sugar
2cups Whole Wheat Flour
1/3cup warm water
2tbsp olive oil
1/4tsp salt
Mix the sugar, yeast and water in a bowl...set aside for ten minutes until mixture becomes frothy.
Blend flour and salt and then add water/yeast mixture..adding a tbsp at a time additional water until  it becomes a doughy consistency...knead for 5 minutes on floured surface.
Coat with olive oil and let rise for 30 minutes.
Then roll out into a pizza..add sauce, cheese, toppings and VOILA!
Quinoa is a super grain..super healthy tasting..I recommend adding things to it.
Orange muffins..these were delicious...a treat::

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  1. Hi! Just found your cute blog and love this post! Fruit in salad is wonderful :)

    Bennett Love


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