Sunday, January 29, 2012

Joining in the "Simple Things" | Things That Make Me Smile

I am joining in a fun little post of capturing a photo of something that gives me joy or makes me smile... courtesy of Rebecca over at  Simple As That blog.
This capture was taken this week off my back deck right as the sun was setting. It is untouched or edited and simply took my breath away when I saw it! I hope you enjoy and find things that make you smile this week!


Other things that made me smile this week.
 We gave Eli his first at home haircut. Justin helped me get the right size clippers and buzzed the lower half...and I scissor cut the top. The group effort paid off and no more $14 haircuts... He looks so dashing, right?

 There is something so therapeutic about the outdoors...which is why we take advantage of our sweet little home town. We are blessed to be able to question, "which lake do you want to visit today?"..(there are five decent sized ones  to choose from plus one little pond if we wanted and all relatively close....You can say it...LUCKY!)
 Picnic time. Don't you love the picnic basket? That was a wedding gift( five years ago in September) and we have used it A LOT.
There is always a car/truck in his hands. I want to enjoy things the way a child see and appreciate the small things in life.

 This $10 tricycle that I bought for Eli this past summer at a garage sale has been worth every penny.

Boyfriend and Girlfriend ♥

Sometimes when I am behind the lens I feel like I am not "in the moment" or I miss out on the special things because I am busy adjusting the camera or trying to capture it. I've been doing better at only picking it up when I am not apart of that particular moment and just trying to be "present". This past week I have really prayed about my inner self. Two big things I am working on.

1)Be more humble...less prideful and "know it allish" (I've hurt some relationships this past week and I want to remedy that)
2)Getting myself out without worrying that everything is in its place before I leave. 

I will admit, sometimes I am tormented to go anywhere because my hair is not in every perfect place or every bed isn't made. Today, I woke up 30 minutes before I had to leave for church...I thought I will just catch the later one...but something really made me want to just try and get it together so we could go to the early one. I prayed that somehow God would allow me to get ready and get us there on time...and that He would help Eli do better in the nursery.

Guess what?! Prayers were answered. Hallelujah. We were on time..dressed super cute..every hair in place...breakfast and house in order (all in 30 mins!)...and Eli stayed in the nursery the whole time while I got to enjoy my first whole service without him!  (Hey, it may seem little but it's huge to us!)

What are some of your personal growth goals this week?


  1. Wonderful sunset photo! And looks like you all had a great day at the lake too.

  2. Great pictures! I totally understand the feeling of not being "in" the moment when you're behind the camera...I'm working on that too! At the same time, though, there are moments that I feel like I never would have seen if it weren't for the camera. I guess you just have to find a balance!
    We cut my son's hair this weekend, too...may have been the first time he didn't put up a fight!

    1. You are right about finding a balance:) Thank you!

  3. wish i could've been ready in the 30 minutes i had to get ready this morning! glad you got to go to church and thank goodness for nursery!

    1. It was not an easy task...but I cut out a lot of things I thought were necessary. I think my hair was still partially wet...haha

  4. Fun picnic pictures! I feel like I always need to be humbled. Personal goals this week? I have been wanting to honor Sabbath and really see it as a gift! It's been a nice, relaxing Sunday :)

    Bennett Love

    1. That is an awesome goal...I too want to do that! Thank you!

  5. Great pictures and you do have a handsome little guy there :)

  6. Beautiful pictures! Your family is so sweet. And we rush to church every week, so dont feel bad :) I posted a pic today of my son holding his ears when he heard the church bells for the first time today...the were for the second service, we are NEVER on early for the one we attend, so he had never heard the bells ring!

  7. darling photos Leishell! :) thank you so much for linking up with the simple things! :)


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