Thursday, January 26, 2012

Keepin' Busy

Keepin' busy is the best way to exhaust a toddler. 
I made him a rather large Paper Hat out of four different colored pieces of construction paper, (singing Yankee Doodle--the part with the feather in the hat and calling it macaroni...seemed appropriate).
Then I asked him to wear it. Stubborn boy would not, until, I started a fake cry, sniffle and which he reluctantly slapped it on his head...Hence, the scowl photo below.
Then he realized "hey, this isn't so bad!"

 Ah, the many faces of my boy. 

We went to Mother Goose at our local library today (yay for free!) where they sing interactive songs,  do puppets and  read books, among many other fun kiddy things. Afterwards, we stopped at the lake across the way to "feed" ducks. "Feeding" ducks turned into a full on swimming sesh, which resulted in some wet clothes for him and some soggy shoes for me...I didn't realize I would be "fishing" as well. To my motherly OCD credit, I let bygones be bygones and allowed him some lake time...even though I was sort of stressing about his sandy hands, feet and sopping wet clothes. I tried just to allow him to be a kid...and soak up the sunshine on a rather warm day (in January!). Hey, who cares, that's what washing machines are for and the extra change of clothes in the diaper bag...but next time I'm bringing an extra pair of shoes. :)


  1. i'm kinda ocd about brett getting too dirty, also, but i let him jump in mud puddles when it rains. (which isn't often enough !) he has so much fun and then i just strip him down and throw it all in the wash. :] they grow up too fast to be so concerned with keeping them tidy ! (i try to tell myself this every time he gets messy. lol) by the way, did he rip the hat to shreds afterward ? or is that just something brett would do... ;]

    1. It is hard to let them get dirty, but those always end up being the best memories:) He threw the hat...didn't want anything to do with it!

  2. You should have told me you were going to see the ducks! Audrey and I tool a drive with the windows down:)

    1. It was sort of impromptu, but next time we should go! And I'll just dress appropriately:)

  3. sounds like a pretty good day to me :)


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