Sunday, January 22, 2012

Motherly Overdrive | A call to 911

In this journey of mothering...there are a few things I pray for EVERY day and night...that my child grows healthy and strong and for him to be safe. My ultimate nightmare would be that something would happen to him. Calling 911 is a number that I hope I never have to and today I had to do just that.

A minuscule fall from the couch led to a dreaded call when he went limp, head back, eyes rolled into his head and convulsing in my arms after I tried to comfort him. It only lasted 10-15 seconds, but if you count one-one- thousand, two-one-thousand, etc...those are some very long seconds.

I think motherly overdrive kicked in and I just knew that I had to get some help. It just didn't feel like a reaction that a little child should have from a slight fall...he didn't even land on his head. I felt my legs tingle and my heart go a million beats per minute, but somehow I remained standing and able to dial those three numbers still holding him barely moving in my arms...motherly overdrive.

And once those blazing sirens came 'round the bend and pulled up to my house fire truck and all..he was wiggled out of my arms grabbing his cars as if nothing had happened. It made me feel like "uh-okay, he was just convulsing...sorry I called you?"...but they were so kind. So understanding. Prodding his little body, checking his pupils, spine and heart rate. Eli looked like he felt a little overwhelmed and happy at their "hey, can we do this again? guys are cool!", as he showed off his trucks to them.

 Daddy had raced home from work with little explanation to anyone what had happened. I have to say I love my husband for his love for our son and just racing home to make sure he was okay. His child was hurt and no amount of money or obligation was going to keep him away. It's so nice that in a moment like that I didn't feel alone.

I'm a blessed mom that for the time being he is okay. He will of course have a thorough check-up with his Dr. (who we ran into at Costco the other was like when you see your teachers out..."you mean you guys have lives outside?!").

I'm just sort of reflecting too because when things like this happen life just seems so fragile and short. I get that slap that I need to wake me out of being complacent. Never take anything for granted people say...but everyone does, everyday. It's hard to be nostalgic every moment of every day and be in the moment, when there are chores, bills, a family to juggle, friends to keep in the goes on and on. I feel like I am a good mom but there is always room for improvement...and you better believe the second thing I pray is that "tomorrow make me even better than today, Lord." I think this is how he answers those prayers...okay, okay I get it!

Kiss a little longer, hug a little tighter, listen a little caught up in the ones you love. I know that I felt that all when I tucked him in. To just start a day fresh tomorrow and let things that bothered me today go...because they don't matter. I have what matters, a loving family to create memories with---my little boy to kiss goodnight.


  1. So glad the panic was mere minutes...and that all is well. Hug him for me.

  2. that is so scary !!! :[ what did the doctors say when it happened to him at 8 months ? hopefully it was just a random reaction and nothing more ! it is really scary with all the tumbles they take, especially when they hit their heads. i always worry that "this" will be the time something was damaged in brett's little head. :[ we've never had to call 911 (thank you, God !) but have had to call poison control a couple times. it's so stressful having little ones sometimes ! i'm sure you won't get much sleep tonight--even with him there in your bed with you--so just enjoy cuddling with him knowing he's okay for right now.

    1. Will do! When he was 8 months it wasn't so obvious what had happened and so it was brushed off...but today brought it all back to me. It is scary. I hope you never have to call!

  3. oh my gosh! so glad he's okay...that sounds awful to go through :(

  4. What an unnerving experience. Glad he is okay. Great reminder to take extra long hugs :)

    Bennett Love

  5. I am so happy that he is ok! It sure is frighting when things like that happen. I remember when my little guy had to get stitches.. I was a total disaster! Kids are so much tougher than we are, aren't they? So glad he is fine! hugs!

    1. Thank you! I so appreciate that! Yes, it is so much harder on us sometimes! I know there will be many more "scares" in our future..boys just love to be boys!


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