Thursday, January 5, 2012

Motherly Reflections

That moment when you're heart leaps into your throat from hearing your child cry out of fear, pain---something wrong, happened to me today. Only a couple times have I gotten super scared for my child... when he began crawling and toppled forward with momentum, knocking his bottom teeth through his tongue resulting in his adorable little "chip" tooth, and then when he first started walking (taking spills left and right until he got it right) and toppled into our round coffee table busting his lip open (the coffee table was gone shortly thereafter) ---And then today. Eli ran with vigor toward the swings while a little girl swung with obvious distraction not realizing that he had made his way right beneath her feet. My legs couldn't get to him fast enough. He let out a loud cry and instantly his face was full of dirt and blood from being hit by the back of her shoes. I got there just in time before she made a second round to his face. I picked him up in a frantic, wiping playground mulch from his mouth, nose and eyes...desperately making sure nothing was busted or broken.
 Fortunately, he turned out fine...just slightly shook up and some scratches to his face. Just one of those times when you thank God for it turning out well and being able to go home and carry on with life as usual.

Part of the place that I am in life right now is just the joy and amazement I have for my growing child. How we have our little breakfast routine with Sprout TV (learning channel for kids) and frequently through the day I will ask him "what does an elephant say?"---"vrrrrr", throwing his arm up to represent the trunk (he knows about 15 different animals)..."Go get your shoes so we can go outside"---Or how he says "thank you" when I hand him something---Or "nigh-nigh" when he is put down for a nap or bedtime. We struggled to ever get him to soothe himself to sleep so we just gave up trying for months. But one day (about 2 months ago) he just decided he was fine with it. The bear in that pic is his best friend at night. I kiss him good night, tell him how proud and how big he is, then he pushes his glow worm three or four times before falling asleep on his own. I don't know why I have ever worried that he wouldn't do certain things. As he has matured he has done them when he was ready. I've always prompted, never pressured his development.

Just some reflections tonight as I cuddled my sweet baby boy and thanked God for giving him to me and watching over him today♥


  1. you just take the time you need to have another one - you're right when you said you'll know the right time for you, and it wouldn't be fair for that child if you had him/her too soon either! you're an awesome mom :)

  2. Thank you, Jen. I so appreciate that;)

  3. i totally agree with you guys ! i couldn't imagine having another child while brett was so young because of some of the same reasons but also because he was (and still is, to be honest) a tornado that never stops ! :] he is very frustrating some days with his love to get into things he already knows he shouldn't, just to get a rise out of us. but he's finally getting to the point where he isn't doing the crazy things quite so often and we are able to communicate with him really well so i want to have our second (and last) sometime in the next year or so. :] i want them to still be somewhat close in age that they will be friends and not just disagree on everything and bicker all the time but not too close in age that they are BOTH in diapers, etc. sounds like eli is very lucky to have you as a momma ! :] i probably would have screamed at the dad who didn't even apologize for his daughter's accidental kicks to his face. :[

  4. I guess it goes with what each mom is ready to handle:) I know once he's easier I'll be wanting another. Thank you for commenting all the time on my posts...I so appreciate the fact that someone reads it!

  5. it is definitely nice to know people read your blog and share some of your feelings and experiences, so thank you, as well ! :] i know my family members read it but they don't usually comment on the blog, just in an email.

  6. :) It's a nice journal though! Haha


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