Friday, January 13, 2012

Obsessions or Hobbies? ;)

I could probably create a baby book just around "swing" pics...I am sort of obsessed with that fast capture shutter speed, an ear to ear grin and a gorgeous sky with the lake in the background. Forgive me for posting yet another one of our days in nature...but knowing me and how I love the outdoors, my two boys and taking pics..there's sure to be more :)

Does your child have an obsession towards anything?----Eli LOVES cars, trucks, motorcycles (anything with wheels)...beyond loves, I should say.
How fitting that my husband also obsesses over his off road truck, which he finally finished his four wheel drive for. For Christmas I got him a new steering wheel...the equivalent to getting a pair of shoes or makeup for a girl... he was so excited. I love his hobbies though. He keeps it boyish, simple. And like father like son...Eli has a passion in the making.
 *(Our trip for the first time in his truck with a carseat. I was nervous about the jerkiness of the bumps and Eli---but I looked back and he was bobbin' his head to the music, takin' in the sights...lovin' every moment.)

(We stopped briefly to take in the sights and take some cute shots (of course we had to for MY hobby ;) )


  1. i am having some major hair envy right now...i love the color and length and style...i could go on but you get the point ;)

  2. Well, thank you! I think the same thing when I see yours...long hair is maintenance!


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