Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Oh yea!

Finally, I discovered a Mommy & Me Tumbling class for Eli ( actually, we were led to it by a friend)...
Eli's friend, Braden... or should I say twin. These boys have an uncanny resemblance!
And I ran into some friends I knew...a huge plus!
Michelle, bonding with Eli...she led us to this very fun class!
These bubbles didn't pop..we are SO getting some of these!
Crawling through one of the obstacles...
Afterwards, we took our boys out for a treat at a local bakery....teaching them good habits, no?
Although, it appears that all we did was catch bubbles...we actually got some activity on slides, beams and trampolines...(but a camera isn't really handy in those fun activities:) )
Glad to say we will be back next week as we are signed up for the month!

Later in the evening...

Let me explain. Eli thinks that the sub woofer is a great place to put, blocks, pretty much anything that can fit in the hole---just small enough for his arm. After organizing his toys tonight, I realized that there were quite a few missing and went on a hunt. Then I coaxed Eli into putting his small arm in the hole and getting them out one by one. Sort of a funny sight to see his face contorting like an adult man trying to get the toys out. Every so often he "mom, I'm tired! --- Aaah, this kid.
The Loot that he pulled out--one by one!


  1. how cute! and its always fun 2 find a mommy group! soo excited 4 ur new adventures (getting 2 c the pix) and Eli cracked me up 2! haha hes getting so big, thank u 4 sharing

  2. looks like you both had lots of fun ! it's nice to get out and do stuff like that so you aren't cooped up in the house all winter. (or any other time of the year) :] brett loves when he finds toys that he forgot where he hid them. it's like a new toy all over again !


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