Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Eli, how you've grown. 
I'm amazed at you every single day and miss those days when  you were itty bitty.
Today I looked at your one year photo frame and just started tearing up. 
I feel like I was just anticipating your arrival...then holding you for the first time.
You were so pink and perfect. I loved the moment you latched on to nurse for the first time and looked up at me. I miss all your sweet baby firsts...and love what you are doing now...but nothing can make you my little baby again. And then again, in my eyes and heart you will always be my baby.

(I know it's a terrible picture of me..but look past that and see the sweetness of my little boy brand new. This is what I  was reminiscing today)

I've been browsing different sites for a second year frame and none are as cute as this. I may just have to craft something myself. 

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  1. bud and i did the same thing just the other day ! it's so fun watching them grow but then when you think about them being a small, helpless baby again, it's hard. someone needs to invent a time machine so we can go back and visit those precious moments we can never get back !! :] also, you look like a beautiful new mother who is taking in every detail about her new baby. :]


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