Saturday, February 11, 2012

30 Day Challenge

The topic of this post was inspired by the conversation my husband and I had this morning...and this blog post (which was about not tackling things around the house unless you can commit yourself to the whole overload---guilty).
 I had  my coffee in hand with just the right cream to coffee ratio and sat back blissfully watching our little one play as Justin shared with me what he had learned in a class he was in all this week that had really inspired him. It was about the human mind and the part it plays in achieving goals, health, motivation and how you handle different life situations by the personality you are.

Since I wasn't in this class, I can only interpret it the way he told me.

I'm a motivated person and have no problem waking up even as exhausted as I may be and accomplishing a set series of tasks each day. But the tasks need to be something that I can accomplish right away. I am a neat freak and so I am motivated mostly by this...but also that I can get these things accomplished and see the benefit of my work right away. The same has gone for me career wise. I stuck with waitressing in fancy restaurants most of my life (I'm a stay at home mommy now) because I had the instant gratification of seeing that cash daily. I didn't need to wait a long time to get it.

I've changed career paths many times over the one time pursuing real estate and another time nursing. I think I am also passion driven and didn't love those things. I need to love it. But I also petered out early because of the patience it took to obtain those goals---I couldn't see the result right away.

My husband is the opposite of me in that he has no problem waiting for goals that are not instantly gratifying right away. He has pursued his passions (my husband is the engineer of his fire station) and is always looking for new ones to attain. But he lacks the motivation for tasks to be done in the every day. We are the yin and yang in that way.
He explained that in this class he learned how to talk to himself more positively so he would no longer be in his own head but would be his own life coach in a way. He also learned what kind of personality he has and how he handles different situations, and how to use those weaknesses to be more well rounded. We also found (by a series of tests) that him and I are quite a lot alike. The way we process and handle situations is similar, some things about us were polar opposite as well...but helpful in that when one is lacking the other was not.

The Challenge
For thirty days, try accomplishing 20 things a day and after each one telling yourself how great of a job you did...or how fast you were at it, or how if not for you it wouldn't have gotten done. They can be as simple as doing dishes. "I did a great job on those dishes"..etc.

Because when thinking positive about things you do and not taking yourself for're more likely to succeed and win through out your day.
He equated this to cancer survivors...the key to their survival wasn't the drugs they took or nutrition, but their attitude, "Dying wasn't an option"...

The next challenge is to set obtainable goals and not to get overwhelmed by thinking of  the end result and how much work it will take to get there. (This is really necessary for me).
Set the goal small.
If you want to write a book..but are overwhelmed by it..
just write the first paragraph...and be sure to tell yourself what a great job you did.
And before you set out to attain it, tell yourself how you're gonna feel when you accomplish it...think on that positivity..

We're taking the challenge...will you?

Jerry was getting a bath when Eli decided to strip down naked and join him.
He's so helpful:)


  1. This sounds like a fun challenge. During the week I am super productive but on the weekends I look every ounce of energy. I always have these crazy to do lists and it's never a problem I it's during the week but if it's saturday or Sunday, I barely make it through half of my list. Im in for this challenge!

    1. Well, you are a busy momma, that's why! Weekends can and are meant to be relaxing...just when you do accomplish something, pat yourself on the back and don't focus on things negatively you didn't get to. It's about one thing at a time and positive reinforcement! Yay, glad you're doing it!


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