Saturday, February 18, 2012

Adventures in Hair

So, this is the new hair do. I have to say I am less than enthusiastic about it considering it took
6 hours to accomplish dark warm brown with blonde (ORANGE) pieces pieced in...

Want me to elaborate?

Okay, yes, hairstylist of ten years moved suddenly and I had to find I made a few phone calls, found a salon...booked a consultation and then later the appointment. Everything seemed peachy until she pulled the foils out two hours later...and my hair was orange! I kept composed and just felt my stomach internally becoming nauseated. I am not really sure how I didn't cry. She then decided to  use a toner, and two hours later after REFOILING my blondes...still orange. Her last attempt was refoiling my blonde pieces yet again and then just making them more of a caramel color. And the whole time, I just kept thinking...I miss my baby...six hours to get hair colored, really?!

I think she recovered pretty well considering that I looked like a tabby cat...but after forking over six twenties and not having enough to tip (I have to go back to give her one, well...because that is how I am), I am left to try my best at making this a normal hair style until I can afford another. UGH
In all the years I have been getting my hair done, this has never happened to me. 
She chalked it up to stubborn hair. Um, I think no.


  1. I think it looks really pretty - but 6 hours!! Ummm no - that hairstylist is nuts - it wasn't our hair's fault.

  2. i thought i commented on this but i guess not ! i think it looks great. :] i like the curls and it just looks like a coppery color, not orange. my hair is about three or four different colors because of a bad highlight job the last time i saw my previous hairstylist. they were blonde alright... a little too blonde. FRIED my hair and it would break off if i barely had a small tangle or even just ran my hands through it. so then i dyed it dark brown/black myself to cover it up when it had grown out a few inches. then, not realizing i couldn't dye that dark of a color without stripping it first, i tried to dye it an auburn color and that only basically dyed my roots. lol so i had stripes, pretty much, where the red took to my natural color and a little on the highlights that had come back through the dark. then i decided to just stick with dark brown and do it myself because it's too pricey to pay someone. if it looks bad, i only have myself to blame ! lol i'm going to cut it soon so in a few more months, most of the different colors will have grown out and be cut. whew !


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