Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Embracing The Mom Jean

Ever browse Pinterest for an hour and then walk sulk away from the computer feeling completely uncreative, unstylish and lacking in pretty much anything that might require you to use the right side of your brain?
True story/confession---happens to me all the time.

Or when you decide you have an hour to spare and instead of cleaning, you decide to browse other blogs looking for creative ideas for your own only to find that it seems that everyone else has the creative juices but you?
Another true story/confession right here.

It's all enough to put me in a slump for the next few hours pondering my inner Martha Stewart and wondering why she has taken a leave of absence.

I mean, I have creative juices...don't get me wrong. I love to pretend I am a professional photographer as I edit my photos of Eli or interchange the lenses I, I look so cool doing it.
But I'm not a "crunchy" DIYourselfer...and I think there is a little Internet envy going on over here.

Case in point...the mom style. It consists of whatever doesn't need an ironing and can bend/move/contort in any direction a toddler might...and smells clean..must at least smell clean.

I think the last week I did my hair but once...and the rest of the week was a sloppy side braid with bobby pins holding the hairs that are still growing back from post partum hair loss...I look like I have dumbo ears when they jut out the sides of my head.

I ran out of eye makeup two weeks ago and haven't found the priority in ordering more or just swinging by a RiteAid for the over the counter stuff. SO, I dribbled a little water into the old tube and frantically twirled it around so I could at least get one coat on those embryo-like eyelashes.
And if you would have seen me before babe...well, I wouldn't have been caught outside the house in an old sweatshirt, side braid and makeup that my 5 year old niece could have done.
Ahh, mother hood.
It's so sexy right?!
Oddly enough, even with this downer of a type situation I am happy as a clam. I'm not as creative as some, or styled as others...but I am comfortable. I mean, I still like to pull out a good pair of boots and get dolled up every once in awhile---And I think it IS important to do every so often. But now the priority of my day has little if any to do with me. What to do with Eli today? The park, stroller walk, color Elmo pages, puzzles? What to feed him? Sandwiches, spaghetti, break out the cookware and get him something he'll really enjoy? Who to visit? Friends, family, ducks, or toy stores?

 It's so easy and entirely free of wishing/wanting another lifestyle where I might have been more creative or up on every latest trend (I assure I am not!)

Until, I browse the Internet. Hey, we all have insecurities, right?

But it's easy to let these little insecurities that crept up...creep right back out when his little scrunchy, sleepy face comes around the corner...rubbing his eyes...asking me to pick him up. I am not sure what good a pair of stiletto heels or an itchy/iron worthy blouse would do me in this situation.
No siree..give me my simple flats,  stretchy pants and cotton shirt...I couldn't wouldn't trade it.


  1. adorable shoes....~Joanie

  2. i have all those same issues after being on pinterest. lol and i, also, like your shoes ! :] being a mom doesn't mean you can't be stylish !

    1. Thank you. I know that. I just mean to feel comfortable being a mom;) and that not all things stay the way they were. I sure do love to feel cute still!;)

  3. dude, my number one rule is comfort. i can't wear heels anymore (hardly even through a few hours of church sitting down), and although i don't feel as sexy, i know that my life is more important now than only living for boys to look my way. it's hard to get comfortable stuff that you feel pretty in, but it's worth finding it! lol i was just laughing because i usually end up wearing all black 3 out of 7 days a week because i'm sick of trying. i could go on about the makeup, the hair, but you know!! and hey - you look SO pretty, only you know that you dont feel sexy because you sure always look gorgeous!

  4. I agree with everything that Jen said. I am anything but crafty and im not fancy or fashionable and I am definitely ok with that! I am most comfortable being me. :)


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