Saturday, February 25, 2012

I Get It Now...

A few months back I started to introduce potty training...
but fizzled out when I realized it took just as much commitment from me as him.

 It was easy to lose motivation when the toilet transformed into an aquarium... Perhaps he thought there were sea anemones residing in there?

 But his curiosity has grown the last few weeks with him "hiding" when he needed to go and then telling me after that he "went". So we have been diligently trying each day a couple times to introduce the thought of somewhere besides his diaper.
 He usually just sits and unravels the toilet paper, dips his fingers a few times (yum), claps, flushes and gets down as if he did the expected.
 I always clap too.
 Today though...I had something to really clap for.

 I always laugh at those parents that post the status' that their child went pee pee in the potty...roll my eyes and think TMI!

 But I am happy to say we've joined that lil proud mommy bandwagon of announcing it to the world that their child went PEE PEE IN THE POTTY! (and since I am bragging...THREE times!)

And since we are new to this...I could use some pointers. I've heard stickers as rewards and different things. At this point the good ole high pitch squeal from me and enthusiastic hand clapping is working...but this is just the suggestions are welcome:)

We're getting a new fangled toilet seat for him (or maybe one of those darling little singing potties...whatchya think?) because this flimsy purple one my sister left for her daughter just won't do.

And if you're one of those parents that hasn't experienced the "bandwagon of potty excitement"..skip over, roll eyes and say TMI! haha


  1. never TMI!!! how exciting! let me know how it goes!

  2. haha, so true! i always thought those kinds of status updates on fb were super weird... but now i get it. we're not potty training levi yet, but he's totally ready. (i'm just not.) he's had lots of times where he's gone on his little potty - both pee and poo - and does great. i'm just not ready for the commitment yet. want to wait until my baby's a bit older and easier before we take the potty plunge! :)

    1. Oh man, that would be hard to do with another little one, plus you totally have to be ready too because taking them to go constantly is a lot of work. My goal is to get him trained so I can have another next year maybe:)

  3. I love this post! Made me laugh at 7:40 in the morning (not easy to do!). With my brother, my mom tossed fruit loops into the toilet so it was a fun "game" to aim at the colors.
    Those pictures are so precious, too!

    1. I've heard that too! Great suggestion! Glad I could offer a laugh...too bad I didn't put a pic of him with his book on the potty...that was funny!:)

    2. Your aunt denise helped me. We did fruit loops in the toilet. Joshuah thought it was the coolest thing. Then he got scared of her restroom so denise would let him go outside on her Apple tree.

    3. That's great! I love that she helped you:)

  4. that's great !!! :] i wish brett was more ready but he is still just going when HE wants to. he throws a fit sometimes if we try to force him to even just sit on his potty ! :-/ oh and brett has the white fisher price (i think ?) potty that sings when something is heavy enough to hit the sensor. he seems to enjoy hearing it sing afterward. lol :] it also has a detachable seat so you can snap it onto the regular toilet. (with a little green peepee shield in the front for boys ! :) sometimes he will just scoot towards the back of the toilet seat and go that way, without his potty seat snapped on.

    1. I'm going to check that seat out,thank you!!! My niece did the same thing...just chose not to do it, I'm afraid of that! Hopefully it just goes smooth!

  5. Oh he's a big boy now! :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings


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