Thursday, February 9, 2012

I miss you, sweet scrumptious sleep

The lack of sleep is getting to us over here. Usually Eli sleeps in his crib a whole five hours before whining for me to come get him and nurse him ( we are working on it...don't judge me). The last two days he had become increasingly restless ( I thought it was just from cutting out his night nursing--a step towards weaning) and when he woke with a runny nose/cough...I realized why. And I am not one to let my babes sleep on his own when he is sick. Feet in the face, tossing, turning...waking every half hour in a fit of coughing... has been wearing us all thin.
The hubs opted to sleep on the couch last night out of desperation.
We even cut out all our daytime activities the last couple days to get this little guy some added rest to get well as not exposing other little ones...
Some serious CABIN FEVER.
The cure was a park adventure.
Perfect weather, not a cloud in sight, no breeze...just a whole lot of
Vitamin D!

No one ever goes to this kept secret.

The photo before this one was him throwing a tantrum when I told him it was time
to go..."Bye, Eli...see ya later buddy!"
Then looking up to make sure I am still there.
The psychology didn't work and I had to go get him.
The sunshine/outdoors is good for everyone...but ESPECIALLY boys. It is as necessary as food, water , sleep and love.
(p.s. The shiner he is sporting is from walking into a cabinet door at grandma's house. I love explaining it at the grocery store, post office, etc. )

So back to the no sleep...Eli didn't want to nap today until right before dinner which I knew would throw off everything later...but since he's sick..I let it happen. And yep, at bedtime he was a whirling twirling ball of toddler energy.
LIGHT BULB---I decided to snuggle him down in his room with Bambi playing on his rather ancient tv from the '80's (hey, if it's not broken!). Bless his soul..this kid loves tv.
I think I may even get three hours of sleep tonight...WHOO HOO!

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