Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Way A Child Sees Life

I remember being a kid waking up early and seeing that it had snowed the night before, then rushing to get my snowsuit, boots, hat and sled as fast as I could to take in the fresh powder. Sometimes, I wasn't even buttoned up properly to keep the wet and cold out...but I didn't care. There was fresh powder to be inhaled and tromped through! To make those first tracks in the snow, before it became heavy and trudged through by others...very important. 
When I snapped this shot...Eli had lunged outside in his socks, jammies and his car...clearly not dressed or prepared to play in it. But I remembered those fond memories and excitement of getting out in it and I let him for a few minutes. 
As adults we forget to take in this beauty and excitement that God provides for us. It just becomes a white inconvenience that keeps us from getting out easily and something to be cleared away and shoveled as fast as possible.
I want to just share this so we remember to look at it through the eyes of a child. The wonder they possess for it..knowing to take it in quick before it's trampled or melted. And the same goes for so many of life's "snowstorms"...we take for granted the beauty behind so many of them...but to look at things the way a child appreciate, to be lighthearted and free.
Would make the world a more positive place, wouldn't it?

p.s. I'm in awe at my child's beauty. How could two people create something so amazing?


  1. i used to love that as a kid, too ! i still love snow, but that's because i don't get it very often like you do. that's funny that he had his truck with him... brett almost always has one of his favorite cars/trucks with him, too ! boys are so cute. :]

  2. i try and take a step back when lincoln has done something i would usually freak out about...its ridiculously difficult to take that moment and remember they aren't purposely trying to do something wrong, just excited. i miss feeling that way myself, so i feel very blessed to be able to relive it through my child. and yes, your baby boy is gorgeous (probably because he came from two good lookers :)


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