Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Making Memories

Snow provides the best backdrop for photos and making lasting memories.

We played, made snow angels, got frozen hands( kids gloves are so bulky that he only likes his knitted mittens..which don't hold up against the cold very well)...and then came inside for a day of cuddling and movies.

At nap time, he curled up on my lap to nurse and as we sat in his room in front of his long, mirrored closet doors..he watched himself.

Suddenly, and just for a short while he became my little baby again. I would say "awe, you are ssshhooo sshhweet (in a baby baby voice), come here, wittle baby."
 I rocked and  coddled him close to my chest as we shared a laugh every so often (it's funny to watch yourself in the mirror!)
It was blissful.

A reminder why we love nursing so much, and on days when I strongly want to wean...Then this. Oh, sigh...I love it so.

Later in the evening, we played hide and seek...sort of a nightly ritual. 
He is Oh.So.Good. at it. 
And I have come up with some pretty clever spots....see the picture with the blanket on the couch, that is me  hiding underneath.
It's just the simple games kids love. 

Or grabbing a book bag before bed; 
"Let's go to the library"...
gathering them up eagerly and climbing into bed to read together as a family.

"Children don't need your presents, 
they need your presence."

To true.


  1. i love that first pic--such a great capture. :] that last picture is especially darling, too. i love seeing little boys reading with their daddies !


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