Sunday, February 26, 2012

Simple Things Sunday

Enjoying a simple outing to get an AMAZING sandwich with my boy. 

The simplicity of eating some grub together....taking our time with no agenda other than to enjoy each other, letting his toy truck be his plate too, and spoiling ourselves with a strawberry smoothie might be the definition of a perfect outing together.

And on the way home spotting this.

A Red Tailed Hawk...enjoying his simple things in life too.
Perfect Afternoon.

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  1. that smoothie looks SO yummy !!! :] glad you guys had a blast. awesome pic of the hawk ! :]

    1. It was an amazing smoothie:) this hawk made up a little bit for missing that Eagle, a little...haha

  2. YUM he makes me want to go get a smoothie right now!

  3. Awesome bird. I love the joy in the photo at the top of your blog.


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