Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentine's Scrap Night

Last night was a Card Making Gathering for Valentine's Day hosted by Joanie Stanclift, a Close To My Heart Consultant.
 In the past, I have hosted my own gatherings and invited friends to come over, eat yummy food, enjoy themselves ----and SCRAPBOOK! So much fun!
I will say though that this beloved hobby of mine has more inspiration than ever (Eli), but LESS time than ever too (Eli). SO this card making is right up my alley. It is easy (she precuts everything for us to save some time) and we get to take home these most adorable cards! The best part, finding someone to give them to!

And I opted to do virtual scrapbooking through Studio J (found on the Close to My Heart website) to do Eli's second year baby book with. I haven't completed his first year and have been getting discouraged at all the catching up I have to do. SO, this way, I can do his first year baby book in actual scrapbooking and his second in the online Studio J scrapbooking. I am looking forward finishing something and showing the results!


  1. You take great pictures!! Love that you document the "everyday" things like our little class. Can't wait to see what you do in STUDIO J! Did I mention it's addicting?.....~Joanie

    1. Thanks Joanie! I'm already addicted.. uh oh:)

  2. this looks like you had SO much fun!!!!


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