Friday, March 23, 2012

Before-I-had-A-Baby Kind of Sleep

I'm a little exhausted to say the least today...or past few days shall I say. I'm craving that before-I-had-a-baby kind of sleep...but considering my baby is now a toddler, it feels long overdue.

It's been the kind of day that if everyone in my house stayed quiet and wood peckers didn't peck on my house at the exact moment when I'm about to get into a great slumber...well..I would have been a lot less grumpy!
Being a light sleeper has its advantages, but not when you're super tired like me.

The last few weeks I have been trying to wean Eli, which hasn't been going well. It's like he's flat out decided that he is not going to and how dare I be so selfish and decide that for him?!?!
It's not that even I feel fully ready, but I have come to the realization that he will never be...he loves it so much.
We'll keep trying and I know we will get there eventually...

He's always been a fabulous sleeper til lately which has me wondering if this slow weaning has him restless or if maybe it's growing pains?

All I know is that when my husband tried to make a sandwich in the kitchen and I heard a drawer shut...and then Eli emerge from his nap...
I felt this anger come over me as though I was going to turn into a dragon with red hot fumes coming out of my ears...
I then woke from my lair.
Needless to say bedtime will be early because tomorrow we go to....DISNEYLAND.
And what place could be better for taking me out of my slump?
One of my last naps before I went into labor with Eli...seemed to fit the theme of this post;)


  1. have you thought about doing cold turkey ? i am a part of a mother's group on facebook and a lot of women say they just do it cold turkey, but it's mainly so they don't engorge and then hurt. you'll figure out what works for you guys, even though it will probably be hard at first ! i was so exhausted last week when brett was waking up through the night with his spiked fevers, but unfortunately, us mommas have to keep on chugging sometimes. lol i hope you can catch up on sleep soon ! i wish babies came with something that would tell us exactly what was wrong. :]

    1. I've had mastitis four times, so cold turkey scares me. I just want to taper off slowly so that my body has time to adjust. I know its going to just take patience. I'm not worried about a time frame...just a happy mom and boy. So just cross fingers it goes better for us. Thank you for your sweet words. I wish he could tell me too!

  2. oh geeze. i can totally relate to this. something like a drawer shutting preventing me from a nap when i need it most. talk about frustrating. sometimes i think i need to go sleep in the car on the weekend when my husband is home and encourages me to nap while he watches the kids. i'm only *sometimes* successful...... *sigh* but wow, disneyland? i'm totally jealous! hope you had a blast!!

    1. Thank you! Yes, Disneyland was great! I used to nap a lot when Eli was younger, but now it'd scarce. I just need to catch up a little bit!


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