Friday, March 16, 2012

A Child Learns Self Esteem Early

Building a child's self confidence early on in life is one of the key roles a parent plays in their development.

It isn't accidental why some children succeed at things and others struggle.

Or why some children throw tantrums (I believe all do at some point) worse than others.
Or how some kids have a bullying nature as opposed to those who don't.

A lot of this behavior leads back to lack of self-esteem and seeking approval.

We play a huge part in developing their self esteem. Self esteem gives confidence and confidence creates "winning" children, ones that don't question themselves or feel inadequate in doing life things.

All kids are different with different personalities and we help shape that to the core. From the moment they are born into this world, they are watching and learning from us.

I admit sometimes I am ashamed of the way I may handle a situation in front of Eli. Even I have room for growth still. I think it helps that I have a little one keeping my decisions in check.

When I think of how this little person is absorbing, it helps me step it up as a parent.

Just one way to help build a child's self confidence is to reassure that they are important to you. Make eye contact, listen intently even if only for a minute, and one that I am guilty of a lot is....
When talking on the phone to someone don't ignore the little hand tugging at your sleeve desperately seeking your attention. Instead, say excuse me to the person on the phone and give your child a moment.
To show that you care and value your child's voice gives them a sense that you find them's confidence building.

Constantly putting your child off, or ignoring them...might make them retreat, become solitary...or act out to get attention...which could lead to them craving negative attention. If the attention they receive is only when they do wrong, then they might be inclined to misbehave just to receive some.

I've always said the most important thing you could give someone is your time.
Makes sense right?!

This post comes from listening to a series The Magic of Positive Parenting (how to raise great kids)  about how to raise great, motivated, confident and positive children. I was inspired to share some of the things that hit me like a ton of bricks. Let's face it, life makes us busy and sometimes there are little ones suffering for it.

I'll share more as I listen to these eye opening tips. Hope you found some insight the way I did!


  1. thanks for sharing, it's always important to remember how incredibly important we are to these little guys!


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