Monday, March 12, 2012

No More Peanut Butter Cups

So, I realized I have a problem...with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

The last two weeks I have made my husband make special trips to the store just to get me these king sized bad boys.
And before the first one has even had time to leave an imprint on my pallet, the fourth one is gone and I am left ravenously digging in the empty wrapper for just one more...
It's that bad.
Like a drug addict the first step was admitting there was a problem, but really I saw none since I eat organic and super healthy all the time---these indulgences were justified!
Until, my face started to protest this insane amount of chocolate poison (my skin is always clear) and I was forced to break out the heavier concealer.
So, I have decided that I'm gonna listen to my bodies' protest and not eat chocolate for a month...or sweets for that matter.
And just when I make this declaration, my sister makes a four layered red velvet cake for my mom's birthday---
Operation no sweets in effect....
After this piece of cake I am devouring.


  1. id say good luck but im sure that wont help...hahah i've been thinking about doing one month of sugarless-ness for a while now and i just can't seem to pull myself together enough to aaactually take that plunge. it's too scary where youre headed for me!

  2. i know i'm not helping you overcome your addiction, but the trader joe's mini peanut butter cups are the MOST addictive freaking things, EVER.

    good luck :)

    xx jes

  3. i just can't picture skinny, healthy eating leishell scarfing these !! lol but they are very yummy ! i usually only eat them during easter time with the reese's eggs.... same thing, but different shape. makes them even better to me. ;] i love anything with peanut butter and chocolate, though !


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