Monday, March 26, 2012

Simple Things | Disneyland

Eli's first time meeting Pluto. 
It's been three months since our last Disneyland trip and in just that short amount of time, Eli has been able to grasp the concept of rides, fun and of course magic even more than before.

Just some of fun shots of our day. I think you can see how much fun we had!
My handsome boys.
Getting ready for our first ride of the day. The CARS! Eli is obsessed.

He loved it!

We had some long wait times in the lines being that it was spring break, but Eli did really well. He especially loved the movement and excitement of getting on each ride. He also experienced his first carousel ride ever. The feeling I got from seeing his little face in awe melted my heart. It's things like watching your child enjoy something that gives us parents so much fuels us.
Eating cake from the birthday party we went to. We left the park for a little while to celebrate our friend's daughter's birthday. I love this capture!

FIREWORKS! If you've never seen Disneyland are missing out!
Lots of rides, lots of fun...and we were exhausted by the end since we woke at 6am to get ready for our trip...but it was worth the happiness it gave us to see our son in awe and enjoying himself.
We also got season passes so we can do it again more often!
Aaah, the simple things!


  1. ahhh disneyland!
    last year before i moved i went at least 3 times. maybe 4.
    and everytime i went, i had at least 2 churros.
    great pictures and happy monday!
    xx jes

    1. That's too funny! I love the fudge:)Thank you for stopping by again!

  2. looks like you guys had a blast ! :] my hubby is there today from 8am-midnight all by himself with his annual pass. he is OBSESSED. he doesn't care if he goes with anyone or not ! lol he and brett are going to go again in a couple weeks and i will get the house to myself all day. i cannot wait !!! :]

    1. I laughed SO hard reading this. I can't believe he goes alone! Obsessed is right!!! Hilarious!


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