Saturday, March 17, 2012

Snow Day Links

1) Great idea for my garden this doing this.
2) Wearing these would save me a day of washing my hair! Great mommy accessory!
3) The snow has me craving something a bit more like this.
4) If only I had a box that big and some dry wall. Oh how Eli would love me.

We are currently experiencing a winter wonderland here. Just some fun links to get you through a lazy Saturday...if yours is anything like mine!

40 Things To Do On A Snow Day With Your Little Ones
Bucket List of Places to Visit
Oh YESSS Please!
Ever tried these? I'm a believer..


  1. i can't wait for summer so i can try those scarves in my hair!!

    1. Why not try them now? I guess I'm fashion clueless, cuz I'd so wear them now!


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