Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Ice cream & Lunch Date with little man. 

This fun little malt shop is a walk away for we slipped on our coats and headed out (18 degrees today!)
The best date ever. 
Never talks to much about himself, listens intently, positive uplifting spirit, doesn't waste food and is fine with casual....
only thing...
I had to pick up the tab.

The rest of the day included filling a Ziploc bag with rocks, sticks and any other fun thing he could find. 
Everything is a treasure to a child.
Even trash.
And the highlight of our day is always when daddy walks through the door after a long day at work.
The basis of my routine revolves around it.
When to get Eli a nap,
when to clean, 
when to start dinner...
I love how Eli's ears prick up like that of a dog when his truck pulls in the driveway.
 He immediately throws his current toy down and rushes to the door
to wait for him.

Hope your day was as fun as mine!


  1. sounds like a great date !! :] brett has the same reaction when he hears our truck pull up in the driveway, except i have four "babies" who do it (the dogs). lol that ice cream looks yummy !

    1. It sure was yummy! I forgot to add that our pup Jerry also pricks his ears in anticipation..haha:) Love family moments:)

  2. beautiful post, and a sweet routine you have established with your son.


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