Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The BIG Move

What a week, what a week!

 Never have I moved so much crap (pardon my french)...but really. This week I realized I had far more "things" than I thought and that I was not as organized as I believed.

It felt like we just packed and unloaded and then repeated that all week...oh wait, we really did.

From seven years in the same home and then moving to something bigger for us with so many of the things I had been dreaming, it has just felt like this whole change is just a dream and I am going to wake up with everything back the way it was.

But alas  when I wake up I am here,with our bedroom backed up to a National Forest  (looking like the scene from Hunger Games when she chooses the theme with the forest for her bedroom) and birds chirping...and the best part...a creek flowing right beside us offering the most soothing sleep ambiance ever. Be jealous...it really is that great.

So the house.

It's two bedrooms with a spacious loft attached to our room and then a bonus room that can be used as a bedroom, living room or guest room...we are using it as all three with a toy stash for Eli as well. Two bathrooms...two decks...HUGE fenced back yard, cute little bridge when you walk up to the front with the cutest rock and brick landscaping. And as afore mentioned, a creek. (More pics to come, but we are still moving in and so be patient...be patient.)

Some things I am enjoying in this new house which I didn't have the luxury in the other.
1) Dishwasher...(how did I live before without this fabulous appliance?!)
2) Crushed ice and water from our refrigerator...oh yeah...I was deprived and thirsty before.
3) Two functioning bathrooms...can I get a hallelujah?
4) Privacy from neighbors (we have sooo much now!)
5)Spaces for my guests to escape me
6)a paved driveway...can I get another hallelujah?!?!
7)Financial Freedom from an all too expensive home which was nicknamed Money pit
8) Room to grow a family
9) The list just keeps growing...

Just some pics of our new home...there is more to it, but I still have more to do in the other parts, so I didn't want to reveal it. But it looks cozy right?!

I set it up just like his room in the other home for an easier transition.
Sleeping babe in his new room.

Tonight we enjoyed a home cooked meal, sat at a table for the first time in seven years and just let out a sigh of relief that we did it. We made a change we have been talking about and couldn't feel happier. We giggled, shared stories of our day...and it felt like home.
The best part of all.

If you're curious why we moved...you can read about that HERE.


  1. oh my gosh your house looks GORGEOUS!!!

    1. I wish I was done with the rest...it gets better!
      Thank you!


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