Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Our Easter Weekend Recap...


We went to one of our local lakes and participated in an Easter egg hunt, followed by a duck derby race (paid $5 for a plastic duck and sent it down a water slide, first duck to get plucked from water won $1000), but we didn't win, then came home and drew on the cement with chalk and played cars...

We made those wonderful family memories that etch themselves deep in the mind for many years to come and share later.

Sunday we woke up early and went to church. I was so nervous because each Sunday when we are driving towards church Eli recognizes the general direction we are going and begins to cry. He usually works himself up to the point of either Justin or I having to stay in the nursery. This time he barely cried, accepted it and I got to enjoy a sermon dedicated to our Risen Lord. 
Following church was a wonderful Easter egg hunt with my good friend and her family. There was lots of food and little ones playing. (No pics of this since this post was getting too long for me) But I just felt blessed to have such a wonderful relaxing weekend and that it was all because of the sacrifice that Jesus made for us. 

I think it is important to remember why we really celebrate Easter...not the bunnies, easter eggs, or candy...but that his sacrifice and suffering was paid for us, our sins washed away...and that the best part.----

He is coming again!


  1. such awesome pictures!! eli looks like he had a great time!

  2. looks like eli had a great easter! so cute.

  3. looks like he had a blast and i love those pjs. :]


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