Friday, April 13, 2012

A Little Cooped Up

We're finding ourselves very cooped up these days. Eli has been battling a really bad chest cold for a few days and taking him out (even outside) hasn't been an option for us, creating some really bad cabin fever.

I always said I wouldn't be that mom...the one that gives her child soda, or candy...or God forbid chicken nuggets (I'd actually rather give my kid candy!)...but there have been the times when I just caved...and ya know what?
 It wasn't so bad.

Today I let him play a video game to pass some time, another one of those "I swore I'd nevers"...and he loved it.
I honestly think it is all in moderation and of course censoring what it is he gets to play. I am so strict about his TV shows and the same goes for the games. I want to raise a child who loves the outdoors, dirt and diving into nature hands on. But sometimes that just isn't an option.

That is when I am grateful for TV and video games....because on occasion...

It isn't so bad.

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  1. his faces in those first three pics are priceless ! brett loves to play with bud's broken xbox controller when bud is playing. :] sometimes it is okay to give in to certain things. i agree that moderation is a must, though !


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