Monday, April 2, 2012

A Month In Photos | March


We got serious about potty training...He loves taking a book in with him.

Another birthday celebrated for my mom. We make birthdays special around here.

A high school bff visited and our babies finally got to meet.

Another month gone means an even smarter toddler...he loves the babies r us magazine with the toy car page.....go figure.

Lots and lots of snow this month...good thing, because winter was non-existent before.

A trip to Disneyland which included purchasing season passes that's a glimpse into April!

Adios March...I'm ready for SPRING!


  1. How fun to have season passes to Disney. Have fun! I love the collage. Hooray for potty training!

  2. That picture of your little man reading on the potty is too stinkin' cute! Love the collage!

  3. Love the potty photo. Too cute!

  4. season passes to disneyland...lucky!! great pictures!

  5. I wish I lived close enough to Disney Land to get season passes. I have a feeling I'm going to have yearly trips there in the future!


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