Friday, April 27, 2012

Much Needed Night

Last night was my friend Priscilla's birthday and we celebrated at Bj's Brewhouse. 

It was a much needed night with friends after a long week of packing and unpacking, organizing and purging.

Originally, we wanted a sitter so we could enjoy some drinks...but the way it worked out was us just bringing him, and Justin letting me order a drink while he sipped water.
It's the sacrifice of being a parent sometimes, but truthfully, we weren't the only one with the dilemma of a sitter...everyone brought their little ones! You see we're each other's sitters! 
We all just kept it low key, but honestly, we know how to have a good time regardless. 

Justin did take the liberty of ordering me a "Naughty Brunette" ( a dark beer, my fav) in hopes that it would somehow make me naughty? LOL
Honey, it's gonna take a few more than that!

Then the servers brought Priscilla three birthday desserts which we gave to the kids and they ate them all to themselves! I guess we had filled up on beer and pizza!


  1. Never heard it called a naughty brunette...hahaha. Looks like everyone had a great time. See, now aren't you glad I didn't babysit after all?

    1. Yes, it all worked out for the best! And we were even in bed by ten..we know how to party..haha


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