Wednesday, April 11, 2012

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I love Pinterest...but it seems like a complete waste of time to me, unless of course I actually put the things I find there to it crafts, style or food.

So this week I have been only making dishes that I find or repin from there...and they were sooo good!
(Insert delicious looking picture)

Southwestern Stuffed Bell Peppers

I made this recipe pretty much exact except that I used a box of Mexican Rice...easier and had more flavor (in my opinion). I also used lean ground turkey...but use whatever you prefer! My husband thanked me after I made this...and even offered to wash dishes...yep, it was that good.

(Not my own picture...I forgot to take one, I ate it so fast!)
So, I really don't think it is necessary to slow cook the chicken. Simply add some chicken to a pan of water...cook, shred and add the rest of the ingredients....who has time?
But very simple and yummy.

(Also not my picture. I took it with my phone and it will not upload to my computer.)
I actually made these as a finger food for the Easter party I went to.
They were so good.
And I saved money on spices by just adding taco seasoning to the chicken mix. Still so yummy.
I recommend making sure the tomatoes and beans are COMPLETELY drained. And fill the tortilla as much as you can without going to the edges. It makes them hold up better.

So, it's only Wednesday...and I have a lot more meals to fill the week. 

And adding grilled chicken to it. I may even omit the walnuts...since I don't really like them.

Or since I am cuddling a sick baby and the day is half over with me still in my jammies...well, it may just be chicken noodle soup...canned style.


  1. those stuffed bell peppers look amazing! i was going to make lasagna tonight but i think those might've just won me over.

    1. Oh yes, you should try them! They were amazing!

  2. mmm canned chicken noodle soup ... can't go wrong! seriously!


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