Sunday, April 15, 2012

Simple Things | Camera Phone Fun

Okay, so these aren't flattering pics at all! 
But my simple thing this week was cuddling a sick baby, trying to keep us busy in the house since he has been too sick to go anywhere (and it snowed...double cabin fever), and letting him play with my phone. I reversed the camera on my phone so he could see the faces we were making. We have our silly mommy/son moments that most people never this is me sharing. It would be a great idea to send these to anyone having a bad day...they are sure to bring a laugh!

Check out Simple As That's The Simple Things link up..very fun!


  1. adorable !! :] they sure love seeing themselves in the camera !

  2. these are great!!! Hey momma's have to do whatever they can to keep everyone sane! We have been battling the sick bug here too...Hope your little one feels better soon...and maybe you will be able to get out and get some fresh air!!

  3. LOL - how funny! These pics are priceless (even that you say, they are not flattering) :-D

    1. Not flattering, but real. That's okay, sometimes life calls for fun:)

  4. So cute and funny! A great memory for him!


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