Friday, May 25, 2012

15 Things

I saw this this morning and felt compelled to share..after all, this is a mommy blog, so it fits. :)

14 Things You Should Stop Doing to Be a Happy Mom

I agreed with them all, and a couple really stuck out to me because one of them happened to me this week...#3. Moms tend to compare themselves to other mothers all the is really hard not to. I know I did it constantly when Eli was younger because I was new to it and wanted to know if I was doing it "right". But every mother has to find what works for them and follow their instincts.

This one also stood out to me because it said not to get the jealous, "how can they afford that?"...kind of talk...which happened to me this week from someone I know pretty well. It hurt to know that they have an opinion of how we spend our money. There are lot of ways to compare yourselves to others, but for me these were fresh on my mind. I know I have been guilty of it myself, and just try to remember that I make the decisions for my own family, no one else's, and that taking a stance on another's parenting or lifestyle just brings me negativity.

Having judgements is natural, especially when you read about parents putting their child in a washing machine.... Insert disturbing video HERE...and that is when I think it is okay to judge another parent! But mostly it is just a touchy thing...

I loved #1...I say sorry to Eli all the time (well, when I am in the wrong)...if I overreact about his behavior and am harsher than I should be, I scoop him up and tell him how sorry I am. I think it shows vulnerability and teaches our children to also admit their faults. No one is is a reality.

And I wanted to add one...#15 Make Small Moments Matter Big....

I take pictures of kid going potty, first Disneyland trip....those are the big moments...but the little ones count too. The ones that get overlooked on a busy day, like enjoying a meal together.
Breakfast is a big deal here and that is because it is our special time. I take an ordinary time of day and make it special. We sit for a long time in the morning, talk, play, watch birds...and enjoy those small moments.

Is there one that you would add or one that stood out to you?

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  1. I loved that article. Thanks for highlighting it!

    I am going to work on not going to bed mad -- remembering a highlight each night is a great idea. If I added anything, I think it would be say I love you as kids head out the door. I just read this somewhere and it said that it leaves the kids with a positive thought as they go about their day.


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