Wednesday, May 16, 2012


There are moments (like these) that I feel inspired to grow our family of three to four. I forget how tender my rough and tumble toddler can be...and that perhaps he would enjoy a little one of his own to snuggle. It's easy to think...yeah, we are ready...but that feeling fades when the diaper bags are packed up and friends with cute lil babies go home...

And Eli and I settle back into the little routine him and I have grown so fond of....(and worked so hard to achieve).
But it brings about the thought.. 

When is the right time to grow a family?

Is it an inspiration...or a crazy moment that you feel and just go with it? Or something long thought out and discussed? I think the hard part for me is that as time goes on I am comfortable with the three of us; will I be comfortable with four or more? 

Love is one of those things that is greater when there is more of it, I know.

 Just knowing when, is the confusing part. When my body has had time to recover from Eli draining the life out of it? When finances seem more steady and a nest egg has grown larger? When I don't have to carry two diaper bags any longer? When summer rolls into fall then into winter and I can snuggle down and let my body incubate comfortably?  
Or when my husband and I feel inspired to do it again?
I keep using that word because I think that is what it is. Because who would be crazy enough to add to their family (sleepless nights, more work, less money) without a little inspiration? And I am thinking that God is the only one who can give that inspiration. 
So I suppose when it is time, God will send us a little of our own.

But tell me that this sweet moment between a little tiny baby and my baby isn't helping? ;)


  1. it's crazy to hold a newborn and realize that your baby isn't really a baby anymore...he can now literally hold a baby! whenever the time you decide to add, it will be right for you guys, and that's all that matters! you want a happy family, not one that was made out of pressure :)

  2. Aw, what sweet pics! I think you'll know when the time is right. ;)

  3. I know it's difficult trying to figure out whether to have more kids. I only have one and am still debating on whether or not to have another. I don't think there is a right answer. Either way, we'd be happy and I'm sure you would too!

    1. I only have one to and its a hard thing to know when is right...just a feeling I guess! Thank you for your sweet words!

  4. I agree with Jen. It is hard to hold a new born then look at my 14 month old and realize that he is no longer my baby. I just don't have it in me to expand our little family of 4. Things are so smooth and we are all sleeping, trying to get our finances in order, and I will be graduating college next May. I just don't know where a new baby fits in to all of that, plus my career. Part of me feels like I MIGHT want a 3rd, but the majority of me says no. I know that I haven't closed the door on the idea 100%, but I want to enjoy be angels now and leave the rest is God's hands.

    You are such a sweet Mama and when the time is right, you will know if a 4th baby is a good idea. You sure do make beautiful babies :)


    1. Well, it would be our second baby. I was including us all in that three:) but yes, I think we will know when. Thank you!


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