Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Month In Photos | April

April was a month of changes...

~We moved into a new home.
~Celebrated Eli's first real experience with Easter and egg hunting.
~Watched winter blossom into spring and said goodbye to snow (hopefully).
~Took advantage of our season pass to Disneyland. It's getting better every time we go.
~And even though there are no pictures for this...Eli adopted a catch phrase...."Oh maaan!"
Needless to say,  life is good and April was great to us!

Welcome May!
(In exactly two months my pride and joy will be TWO!)


  1. These are great shots; I love that one of the ferris wheel! Sounds like you had a great April!

  2. Love your April collage! And how cute is the new catch phrase - love it!

  3. Visiting from Simple as That - I love your collage! Your son is adorable, and the photos are beautiful - love the coloring!


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