Friday, May 18, 2012

Peas, Please!

In attempt to be a doting mother who worries about her child's nutritional needs, I gave Eli some peas for lunch. Not thinking of the potential for disaster, I patted myself on the back for my thoughtful lunch idea...and went about cleaning around him while he sat in his high chair "eating" them one by one---or so I thought.

Until...I heard that first sneeze, it hadn't occurred to me why they might be disappearing at an alarming rate...I just thought, man this was a goood idea!
Eli had been stuffing them up his nose one by one, until his nostrils couldn't hold anymore and he became overcome with sinus pain.
The first few came out quite easily, but the last few were lodged so far up his nose that I almost panicked and packed him in the truck to have a Dr. dig the last few out. 

But, I was diligent and used his nose sucker and some tweezers to get the last two out (with Justin's help who had to hold him down so he would let me get it without pushing it further).
And then

It was sort of alarming that he put them up his nose, and then sort of funny maybe I could have gotten a picture? Funny that the first thing that comes to mind is what an optimal picture moment it was and it wasn't captured! Would have been great for his second year book!

My mom had warned me of things like this...along with "has he started to stand up to pee yet?...well, don't let him learn that yet"...I don't need to ask questions to know what she meant!

My girlfriend once had her three year old put a potty on his head and it got stuck and they had to cut it off! It's just these kind of moments you think won't possibly happen to you because you're too "on top of it"...
but can't predict life
---or toddlers.


  1. No way!!!! Oh my goodness. I would totally panic! Knock on wood- my kids haven't done anything like this...yet! I've had friends who have kids who've put coins in their nose and other things. I'm praying not to see that day. Lol. Had the peas were removed successfully!

  2. OMG! Now I know it must have been scary, but I just have to laugh a little. Of course I probably would have had a heart attack. I almost had one just reading this but than I began to try to picture it and I started to giggle (just a little). I'm so glad you got them out and the toddler with the potty; too freakin' funny! The things toddlers do.


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