Friday, May 4, 2012

Some Mommy Ramblings

Since our big move, it's really thrown us all off a schedule. When bedtime comes we always grabbed a book bag filled it up and sat cuddled up in my bed reading for thirty minutes before brushing teeth and then nursing...
Out for the count. 
I am desperately craving this old routine.

And all the work I had done to get him to sleep in his crib sort of went out the window here too. It's taken a few sleepless nights and lots of head rubbing to get it back and we're still not there completely.
(if you haven't read any of my blogs yet...I am a crazy woman who enjoys sleeping with her baby, nursing til he's five---kidding...and probably over nurturing---don't judge me! ;) )

Eli sleeps on a different story now in  his crib that we converted to a toddler's just surreal that this time came after it being a thought in my head for so long ("wonder when we'll need to change his room to a big boy room?") 
These are the thoughts that consume a parent---we're so exciting ;)
And while I really don't miss the other home at all, I miss our little predictable routines. I know we will create new ones, different ones...but some I want to stick to, get back to.

For months I have talked about weaning too and it seems like that consistency also went away when we moved! And that we both have loved it so much (more than most probably)has made it really hard.
 Little man just wants to nurse all the time! 
But I am patting myself on the back because today he didn't nurse and not for bedtime either. And now we are down to just a couple times a's on its way out for sure...

He also went with dad to an auto parts store and home depot...without me. 
It was like I just decided he was big enough to get in the car with dad and drive 45 minutes away from me! 
I have had a hard time letting go of certain things, just this desire to enjoy his smallness as long as I can...

But he is sprouting...and budding into this perfect little boy, using the cutest catch phrases through out the day...listening to my demands, making his own

---- and trying his darndest to grow up.

When. did. this. happen?

It hurts for a moment thinking about his rapid growth...and then I realize that is what I am here purpose is to help him along.

With all these changes lately, I just felt like it's all going faster than I can keep up...thank goodness for pictures and capturing moments in time forever.

How do you handle when life seems to be going faster than you can keep up or changing more than you think you are ready for?

Eli's Uncle Jacob (my 17 year old brother who is a twin) Just loving on his nephew. It's nice to see a bond growing. Can I add too that my brother is quite a handsome lad?

Breakfast at our counter. He loves climbing up on the stool and eating there. It makes him feel like a big boy!
I am a crazy breakfast person. I make a full on breakfast EVERY morning. It's a lot of work, but so enjoyable...great way to start the day!
Anyways, thanks for reading this rambling of a was more for me than anything! haha


  1. bedtime routine is so incredibly importnat - and helps you keep your sanity! hopefully you can get back to that soon :) and yum! breakfast every morning? can i come live with you?

    1. I know it! That is why I desperately trying to get it back. haha, Jen...come visit I will make you breakfast!

  2. Great post; I know what you mean. When life seems to be going faster than I'd like, I try to slow down a bit, breathe and really try to focus on the simplest things so that I don't end up missing anything BIG if that makes sense.

  3. It does go by so fast! These weeks of maternity leave flew by. Love that you make breakfast every morning!

    Bennett Love

    1. It all goes fast! And never gets easier (in my experience!) Thank you!

  4. I wish I knew how to slow life down. It remember feeling how fleeting the precious moments were with my first and now 20 years later, with my fourth, it seems even faster.
    I too nurse forever. I felt pressure to give it up with my first two, but then decided to just listen to my heart and my child's needs. So we nurse as long as they need. I'm still nursing my youngest at almost 21 months and she's not ready to give it up. Since she's my last baby, neither am I ;) We still co-sleep too.
    All I can say is to try and savor the time when they are little, even when life gets crazy, and take lots of pics!!

    1. See, there are other mommas who feel the way I feel! My son is 22 mos old and really there is no end in sight for him with nursing. But for me, I feel like I am ready...sometimes not, but mostly yes. Although, I still really love it! He still sleeps with us almost every night after he wakes up in the middle of the nigh...he comes to bed with us. I sleep better with him. It's nice to know that in all the pressure to not over nurture little ones (why anyone worries about that, who knows?) that there are others who enjoy it. I certainly do savor the moments and capture, capture, capture!Thanks for stopping by!


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