Sunday, June 24, 2012

Grandma & Grandpa's | Simple Things

There's just something about a little boy's eyes. They are so full of wonder and curiosity...and light. 
I know most parents can agree to that feeling that their child gives.
It brings contentment to watch them; the heart overflows.

And there's just something about Grandma & Grandpa's that evokes a child's sense of wonder and excitement for life all the more.

Maybe it's the fishing at sundown in grandpa's lap...not knowing that "that long poley thingy" is gonna have a surprise at the end of it.
Watching my son catch his first fish made my heart overflow...

Or perhaps it's playing in the sprinklers to rinse off a sticky treat...

Or maybe it's stickers stuck all over a cute face and pretending to be puppies afterwards?
Yep, that might be it.

Time at Grandma & Grandpa's is like a mini vacation for him (and me)....
There's only a couple people in the world that would share that same awe and excitement for my growing boy the way I do...
I think we can include Grandma & Grandpa in that.

He loves snuggling in their lap watching movies, going on bike rides at sunset with them and exploring every nook and cranny of their house.

I love watching memories emerge.

Simple Things Sunday is a link up about finding that simple thing that made you smile...I linked up, will you?


  1. What great memories captured!! Beautiful!! And you're so right - boys eyes do hold a world of wonder, excitement & oh-so-much sparkle!! :)
    {visiting from Simple Things Sunday- Simple as That}

  2. Aw, sweet moments and beautiful images. Love the rim light you captured on his face in the first!!

    1. That was my favorite too! Thank you!

  3. I loved this post; it's so sweet! These pictures are amazing! Love the silhouettes! There is nothing better than Grandma & Grandpa!

  4. whoah girl! those pictures are amazing! your skills get better every time i check your blog!

    1. Thank you! When I get time to actually take them and go home, edit, etc..I can get some really nice captures! Plus I love it so much.


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