Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wild Life Giddy

I love wild life.
 I get giddy over it like what we call a "flatlander"...even after 27 years of mountain living, (all my life ;) ) it still gets me every time. 
I squeal and do circles...

Really quite childish...but I love what God created. 
I love his touches and attention to detail; the fact that there is so much variety in our beautiful world.
He made each one of us unique on purpose, he knows our names...

This bear came quite close tonight when he smelled some fish we bbq'd...can't say I blame him.
He circled a tree, pawed and licked the air, and then plopped himself down in case we felt generous..
yea, right.

When he saw I noticed him he just stared at me, almost as curious as I was...but still keeping his safe distance. I had my husband kneel down while I got on his back (so I could get a better camera view) and all the while my movements and camera snapping bothered this bear not one bit.

I feel like he needs a name...I am sure he will be back.
After, all it is bbq season....


  1. Wow! What a capture. He was close! Stay safe!

  2. Wow, hope you were safe. Must have been amazing to watch him, waiting to see what he would do next. Great captures!

  3. Gosh, that's unbelievable! I'd be frightened right down to my toes! Great capture; just be careful :o)

  4. My comment before didn't go through. How cool is this! Yes, I am a flatlander and I would squeal if I saw this.

    1. Haha, flatlander or not, yes, this is pretty awesome!

  5. oh my goodness!! I would have been so nervous. What an awesome photo!


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