Friday, June 29, 2012

A Little Party Crazy

A blog without pictures? 
Yep, that's because around here I am busy like a bee cleaning, planning, crafting and getting ready for someone's 2nd birthday!
Who has time for pictures?!

I forgot how much goes into a party...even a simple one as his will be.
We've chosen a very cute'll just have to wait 'til I post pictures of it after:)

But honestly, with as busy as I have been...I have found moments to stop and be nostalgic about why I am even doing this.
I mean I hate party planning...or rather planning in general. I am more spur of the moment and planning to me just seems tedious (and expensive.) 

Today was just one of those days when I needed a nostalgic moment too because nothing has been going as planned. I can't seem to pull everything/everyone together on my "time limit schedule"...the one where I need things to go a certain way so I can get the most out of my day...sometimes being a perfectionist doesn't pay off.

But Eli (who has been getting his second year molars all this week...last two are almost done!) with half his fist in his mouth for comfort and tears in his eyes climbed up into my lap...and said pathetically, "cuddle"....
Just one of those mommy moments where you just have to stop what you're doing realize nothing is going accordingly, throw your hands up and say..."okay, baby".


  1. Sweet post! I feel for him! My little one is teething badly right now. She cries now when I brush her teeth and it breaks my heart.

    1. I know teething is so tough. The hylands teething tablets really help with their mood and of course tylenol.

  2. My little one is only 7 months and I am already planning her first birthday party! Silly I know but with the little free time I have I figure better to start early and not stress in the end! Can't wait to see the pics from the party! I'm sure everything will work out perfectly, and I hope Eli feels better!

    1. I would say that would be a smart thing. Party planning takes a lot of time. Buy a little as you go too so it isn't so expensive! Thank you, he seems to have good days and bad. Can't wait for the teeth to be done. Two more and we are done, done.


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