Thursday, June 14, 2012

Same Love

It's not often I have the pleasure of being doted on for a photo-op...or can I say photo shoot?

My brother Jacob who is only 17 aspires in photography the way I do (only slightly bigger...can we say National Geographic?)...I love that we share this love and that I can hand him my expensive camera, knowing he will give it care, love and attention to detail the way I do...
and that he has no problem capturing a few pictures of me given that I am always behind the lens. 

And no I did not dress up for this....which is why he wanted to take a few because it was "a great moment"...
when you have it, you have it.


  1. GORGEOUS pictures! Love that dress!

  2. Gorgeous photos!!! You are beautiful!!!

  3. Hey Chickie; you are gorgeous! Love that dress! Your brother takes fabulous pictures! The talent runs in the family I see ;o)


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