Wednesday, June 13, 2012

We're Celebratory!

Where have I been you ask?
 (That is if you noticed it has been a week since I last posted, something I do on purpose because otherwise my mommy skills start slacking)

Well, I have been putting my house back together after two weekends of absolute camping fun. One beach one here and then another just a couple miles from our home with some friends.

She combined her little ones birthday parties into one with this cute camping theme. Even in the woods she managed to make it adorable!

This trip was very different from the last one on the beach...the wind chill was pretty intense at night, and much to my hubby's delight he got an entire night of cuddling! haha

Our kids played, pretended, squealed and it was nice to see kids being kids. No tv, no toys, just nature.
Success if you ask me.

But for those who don't like camping it always reminds me of that quote by Kate Plus 8--- 
"Why would you pretend to be homeless?!" ~ Kate Gosselin
Aah, it gets me every time. 

Well, because it is pure and there are no distractions from home, or is all about family time, food and nature!


What else have we been up to you ask? ( I know you did)

Well, let me announce from the rafters....


For two weeks he hasn't worn a diaper during the day, and the last week without them entirely.  
He wakes dry, and goes every time where he should....
Aah, sounds too good to be true, but it isn't!

And since I believe in making things celebratory, tonight we had a sundae splurge and gave him a little gift.
It's a big deal.

If you love this enthusiasm, you should read my previous post a couple months ago....HERE

And if you're curious how I got my 23 month old trained, ask, ask, ask...I have some great pointers!


  1. The camping trip sounds like fun and congratulations on being done with diapers! That is awesome! My little guy is only 14 months so I know we still have a way to go, but I will definitely need some pointers on this.

    1. 14 mos is a bit early, but before you know it! The camping was a blast! thank you!

  2. so jealous...i wish lincoln were the age where i could start potty training! what a cute boy, and mmm that ice cream looks delicious :)

    1. I started Eli at 17 mos, and he did it, but just not consistently. I think introducing that young is good though. Try it, he might surprise you! And yes, the ice cream was amazing!

  3. That looks like so much fun! And yea for no more diapers, wow! ;)

    1. There might be more icecream nights, I am still so excited, haha!

  4. Unbelievable, he's out of diapers?! That is crazy awesome girl! I may need some pointers. I'll be training Alivia probably at the end of Summer. We will be traveling a lot up until then and I hear it's better to train when you will be in the house for awhile. I can't wait; she is so showing signs of readiness! It's amazing! Love all of your shots! And I'm with ya, I love camping! It's a great way to spend time together. No electronics allowed!

    1. Yes, it is crazy exciting! If she has interest than she could be ready. It honestly takes 100% commitment from you, so when you can be home, yes, that is better! But I have been going places like crazy and he has no accidents, uses the potty when we are out! Thank you! Camping is just simple fun, love it!

  5. Yay for no diapers!!! I may be asking you for those tips in a couple years :) The birthday party camping theme is amazing! Will definitely be stealing this idea for a future birthday! So cute!

    1. Cherish your baby, it goes all too fast and then you have to do bigger things, I still struggle with the fact that he isn't a baby, but a toddler...because in my eyes, I see him so small, while everyone else doesn't. And yes, steal away...her ideas are amazing!


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