Monday, July 2, 2012

Dirt Themed Party

When I was planning Eli's party months ago, it was tricky finding a theme that he really liked and not repeating the same theme from last year (anything with wheels), since he still was so obsessed. Nothing else grabbed his attention the same way...not super heros, disney or pretty much anything...

Except, DIRT!

So that is when I started brainstorming his party, but I didn't want it to be what you typically think of when you think dirt...trucks or bugs.
I wanted it all. I wanted anything you could do in or with dirt. But finding that stuff was nearly impossible, and that is when I realized that I had to make my own stuff and get creative, something super hard for me since I lack patience and party planning skills. Crafting takes planning.

But I think it was pulled off quite nicely for a two year old birthday party. I wanted to keep it fun and still be within the theme.

Trust me you do not want everything doesn't scream PARTY! So that is why I chose the vibrant colors, red, green and blue (and pops of yellow) to help the browns stand out more---to keep it fun.

I made all my own decorations, and got all these ideas out of my own head. I probably could have taken it further, but remember what I said about planning?

I created his two year album and had it sitting out for guests to peruse through and for myself when I needed a moment to relinquish my boy.

 I made labels for all the food. Salad, Fruit, and Cucumber Petit Fors Sandwiches were labeled "Gopher Snacks"...
I had meatballs named "Boulders", Stuffed Mushrooms named "Fungus" and Potato Salad named "Compost".
I made all the food myself. It was a task but worth it when everyone devoured every mushroom and meatball in moments!

Funny, not so funny thing. 
We decorated for Eli's party the night before, even had the balloons (fifty of them!) all with helium floating around like a birthday wonderland for Eli to wake up to in the morning. That didn't really go as planned and everything (including the streamer) was on the floor by the morning. A quick call and trip to our local store promised more balloons, but not as many...

 My dear friend made his cupcakes because she has an amazing knack for making things look adorable. They were beyond my expectations.

And my sister has that same knack and made the cake. Are you amazed? Because I certainly was. The sucker made it for me, I about died. It was a complete surprise too; she wouldn't let me know what she was doing.

 Would a dirt theme be complete without dirt and worm cups?! No, no it would not.
Let the party commence!

 He hugged his guests when they arrived...and then they ran into his room to play. 
P.S. That lamp shade caught fire later on with the kids moving it around.
Good thing my hubs is a fireman...just sayin'.

It was expected the adults would look through his album, but SO adorable when the kids did. I loved seeing Eli look through it and get a smile at all the memories we made.

 Food, family and friends. Great times. The picture with Eli trying to grab the cupcakes was him actually up in arms about the dang cars on it...and then throwing himself on the floor because he couldn't have them yet. The car and bug ones were for all the little ones to take as party favors.

 Gift time! By this time he was exhausted due to no nap and was a little tired about it...just like last year! haha

After cake and presents we gathered the kiddos to have a scavenger "bug" hunt for the bugs and snakes I hid earlier. Each kid was handed a bucket with stickers, trucks and then they filled it with their "findings". Some were over

Eli finished the party off by drinking some Hansen's soda and digging in the trash for left over cake...literally.

He had a great to put in the books!
Happy Birthday Big Boy!
Two looks goood on you!

And a great big thank you to my brother Jacob for taking the party pictures. He made it so I could be apart of everything with memories still captured!


  1. Aw love the theme! Looks like everyone had a great time. All the desserts looked amazing!

  2. Your blog literally froze this day in time just as I will always remember it. I love every moment with Eli, watching him grow and become wiser about things. He is a smart one. So full of adventure and boyish expressions. I love sharing his discovery of new things and the elation in which he does so. He makes this grandmother proud. You're a wonderful mother~

    1. Thank you so much mommy. It was a great day thanks to all his family and friends. It is amazing how fast they grow. Thanks for sharing this with me. Love you!

  3. What a fun and creative party! Great job!! ;)

  4. What a fun theme!!! I love it!! Great job on the decorations!!

    1. Thank you! I am happy that it turned out!


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