Saturday, July 28, 2012

Family Reunion

Friday we had a little family reunion with my husband's family which was way overdue since most everyone hadn't met Eli yet.

Justin's family is way different than mine, but similar in a lot of ways too.

They have a sort of adapted hardness from years of hard work and child rearing. Not like my family they have all lived in the desert the majority of their lives, and so there is a certain character quality they possess from that...

I love the differences and similarities though...and that they welcome me with open arms. I love seeing my son interact with them and the look of joy and interest he had meeting them, acting like they had been there all the time. 
He met his cousin Wyatt for the first time. He was so into everything he was doing. His other cousin was always too busy for a photo to capture them together.

His Auntie Jen taught Eli how to play catch with a glove. He was very impressive for two! He has a natural talent and can throw like a five year old. Hmm, future ball player?! Probably. Justin's whole family plays...really well.
I sat back just watching my husband's and son's huge smiles.
They needed this.
So did I. 

I took a crazy amount of pictures to capture a day that was coordinated by Justin's brother, Jared, to see him off to Texas. He is leaving for work and it is a pretty big deal since he is only 22 and they are very close.

It was a huge wake up call at how fast time goes. People always say that you blink and then it's gone, and I think that is pretty accurate. Last year Justin's dad was so different. He was just really starting to lose his memory, but this year...he didn't really know who any of us were. So, when you think you have really don't. That is why these pictures will be so special. 


  1. i bought brett a t-ball set today because he has been pretending when we watch games and he loves it ! we'll have to get them together sometime to play. :]

  2. summer is the time for family reunions, huh? ive already had two, and a third is coming up....glad you had a good time at yours and that you had enough time to get such adorable pictures!!

  3. I am a huge family person so I just love family reunions! It's so true that time goes by too quickly. I have to remind myself sometimes to slow down and really pay attention to what's happening now. These are great pictures to have. It'll be fun to look back on them. Sorry about Justin's dad that is sad and very unfortunate. I worry about this a lot with my mom not that it runs in the family or anything; it just scares me to the core!


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