Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Finding My Passion

It would be safe to say that my biggest dream in life has come true...motherhood. Honestly, there hasn't been anything career wise that I have wanted to put my efforts towards because I always aimed to be the best mother I could. 
I have held an array of different jobs, one being a server for over 10 years...and not just a server, but one of the best damn servers with an array of wine and food knowledge, waiting on everyone from Julia Roberts, Tori Spelling to Warren Beatty. I was always the top server that the owners requested and chosen for most VIPs...and I am not bragging, 'tis fact.
I made a good deal of money doing it, keeping up with my husband's fireman salary. But it is a very tiresome job and after so many years of keeping a smile, crisp sleeves and working a grueling evening schedule...I wanted to endeavour towards motherhood. 

I love this role more than any other I have held. It fulfills me more than any green in my pocket or notoriety. I love the experience of raising a person, molding and shaping their future. 

It wasn't until I became a mother did I really discover my passion for photography. Every little thing he did seemed like a Kodak moment...and two years later, nothing has changed. I was able to combine my love for him with my love for capturing him.

Whenever I am at a party with friends, or family, I end up capturing their moments, then editing and giving it to them after. It is always appreciated and I love doing it too. 
It occurred to me that for the first time there was something besides motherhood I am good at and want to possibly help the family bank account with.
And since professing a career would only make me shy away from it, I will only say that I have a dream and a goal. You might be watching me over the next year or so trying to reach that. I am consistently trying to learn, attain new camera gear and hope to one day be able to hold that title---mommy/photographer.

Just a couple of impromptu photos taken for my mom and step-dad. 

I love suggestions, or sites that might help me towards send 'em my way:)


  1. Wow, sounds like you succeed at whatever you put your mind to. I'm excited for your next endeavor and wish you all the best ;)
    Beautiful pics as always!

    1. Thank you! I hope so! I just get nervous about changing my mind...but with this, I love it so much, I just don't see that happening!:)

  2. Based on all the beautiful pictures I have seen on here I think you could definitely attain your goal of mommy/photographer. :)

    1. That means a lot, thank you so much!

  3. cute pictures ! :] i always enjoy looking at your photos.


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