Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth of July

Yes, it's true that the Fourth of July is an excuse (even for me) to bbq, get together with friends and watch people light explosives on fire....
And I don't think there is anything wrong with that.

This day of our independence gives us that freedom. I think we should celebrate, take advantage.
I also think we should be patriotic and remember why we have these rights.

All those sacrifices others made  for us to enjoy what we do in this amazing country. I wear my "American" proud. I love that we are founded on greatness...
And I am not ashamed to show my thanks in ways like time with friends and family, sticks with flags on it sold for a buck, glow sticks, bbq's and fireworks.

It's a wonderful country we live in.

Happy Fourth of July!

 The beautiful lake I call home.

 He fell asleep right after they started. He was just too tired to stay awake even through the loud booms!

Fire works are a lot of fun to shoot. I just turned up my ISO (2000), slowed my Shutter Speed down to 1/20 f/ 3.5 and held steady. 


  1. Wow great shots babe...

  2. Great post; sounds like you had a good day! You got some great firework pics! Very cool! Love the shot of him sleeping! Too funny! Hey, when you're tired, you're tired right?

  3. You captured some beautiful shots! Wow, can't believe he slept through it though. So sweet ;)

  4. I hate that I dont know how to properly use my super expensive camera! I cannot wait for my photography class next month. Then I can start posting beautiful photos like yours


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