Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Eli

Two years ago
...Amazing how just two {short} years ago I had a life growing inside of my body,being molded into a little person--- and that I had no clue the love and adoration motherhood would bring.

I think I describe on this blog just how much he means to me, in fact in some ways, it revolves around him. I didn't start it until he was older than a year, because I needed a better outlet for my photos and memories, and felt that this would be the perfect way to do that. I would have to say that it was...I can look back over the course of the last year and see all our memories.

So much changes in a to two..three to four and so on. I think it is more obvious when they are little though. What I considered a little boy then, I realize was still very babyish compared to now.

There's no comparison for the way he holds my hand now, calls me "momma" (constantly), voices what he wants, amazes me with his vocabulary, attention to details and love for his hobbies already.

If dirt bikes or anything with wheels is on tv, he runs in the room saying "whoa!"...gathers all his cars and gets ready to watch like a thirty year old man. It never ceases to amaze me what captures his attention and his understanding towards it.

Life is amazing. What a human being can do after two years is astounding. The simple fact that he knew not one thing outside my womb or how to do anything without the aid of me and now as time goes...he needs less and less of my help, is sad, but amazing. 

It's my greatest joy to watch him grow and be his mom.

Happy 2nd Birthday My Sweet Boy, 
My Eli

The pictures of his party are on a different post because, well...parties have lots of pictures:) Stay tuned!

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