Friday, July 6, 2012

How We Run Errands

There are days that I have a lot to do, and being that I'm a stay at home mommy, Eli goes everywhere with me.
I tend to feel guilty these days because there isn't time for a lot of one on one interaction, or "his" time.
However, I try to make it really really fun still.

Here is how.

The bank has cookies. He likes the bank.

The post office has tons of boxes to run up to and sometimes they open...very fun...and the echo, well, what kid doesn't love an echo?!

The Grocery store has free balloons and sometimes a second cookie (hey, don't judge me). 
And the infamous rack of Hotwheel cars which Eli goes crazy for. 
I don't make it a habit to get him one each time. In fact, I say no more than I say yes...
but he still loves seeing them.

If we have to do a lot of running around, I pack snacks, turn up fun tunes and we sing and move our shoulders to the beat. I remind him that even though it isn't about him...we can still have a great time.

We march!

We pretend there are hungry bears and we have to hide behind things and talk in a whisper....

We scavenge for fun things along the way.
...yellow cars, big bird, fire truck...

So how do you do errands with your little one in tow?


  1. That sounds like tons of fun! I love when I can do errands with just my littlest. But with all 4 of them? Oy!

    1. 4?! You are super woman, I just bowed to you!

  2. These are ALL amazing ideas! most of the time i just try and hurry as fast as possible and speak as enthusiastically as i can muster so that lincoln will feel like we're almost done. youre way wins!!

    1. haha, that is how I think I used to do it, until I realized his squirming and whining called for desperate measures...measures more toddler style:)

  3. Fantastic ideas!!! I try and do my errands on saturdays during Aidens nap so I can leave him with Kenny. Michael loves going places with me. If I do take both buys, I pray that we can make it through 2-3 places, bribe them with a cookie and that normally buys me one more stop if need be. They they both fall asleep in the car and mama gets a couple of hours to clean. yay! (insert sarcasm about cleaning) ;-)

    1. Oh man, errands with more than one would be tough!


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