Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Husband's Birthday

It wasn't until Justin & I became parents that we realized, "hey, we are getting old!" 
I guess when we can see time literally zooming by and the inevitable birthdays mean less and less time with those around almost makes birthdays slightly less celebratory.

But we also are reminded that birthdays mean another year of memories made, and another year of memories to come.

My hubby celebrated his birthday on Saturday and this is how we chose to spend it. 
I've always said time is the greatest thing you could give someone, and so whenever we are together we try to soak it up.

Happy Birthday to the man of my dreams, the man that reminds me that little things are big things, that being a parent is an incomparable joy,  that loving each other for the rest of our lives however long or short they may be, is also the greatest thing on earth.


We played in the sand, reapplied sunscreen more times than I can count, practiced our kicks and holding our breath and for an afternoon forgot that there was anywhere else in the world.

My favorite part was watching Eli and Justin from my towel, finally soaking in some rays on my white legs, seeing them build sand castles, play with cars and splash in the water.

Eli was quite impressive in that he swam on the shore line with his head raised above the water, shimmying his way across like he knew what he was doing. We got asked a few times if he knew how to, no. But he sure likes to try!

I made Justin a special birthday dinner. Bbq'd Lemon Chicken (so delish...I am gonna have to share!), roasted potatoes, and asparagus...along with a salad Eli was pretty keen on getting into while I took the picture!

It was a wonderful day (even for me and it wasn't my birthday)...
I hope my hubby feels the same.


  1. This is such a great post! Happy Birthday to the hubby! Looks like a great day! Your little one looks like such a little man; he is adorable!

    1. Thank you! I know, everyday he seems bigger and bigger. Amazing how fast they grow! And this is why we feel old! haha

  2. Looks like a great day! So glad he had a fun family birthday. I celebrated mine Saturday too ;)

    1. Happy Birthday to you too! It was a great day. I hope yours was too!

  3. those are great pics ! looks like it was a great day. :]


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