Thursday, August 23, 2012

Disneyland | Part 1

Another Magical Trip to Disneyland...

I started this blog to capture and document moments just as these...and it warms my heart when we are able to make these types of lasting memories...

And I had 529 photos to sort through...the task was daunting because they were ALL so cute...

The day was a scorcher and not to mention [packed]....but we made the best of it, and my genius of a husband brought a spray bottle filled with ice cold water, which saved the day!

The lines were pretty long, and so we picked a few rides to try (we have passes, but Cars Land was new to us since it just opened!) and after waiting an hour for one ride that lasted 30 seconds, we opted for not doing that again, and instead took Eli to the free play areas...

He is two after all, 
and patience really is a virtue at that age...

These last pictures were my favorite. Eli and I went into the Wilderness Explorer Camp while daddy took a break...and we just happened by the casting door right as the dog from 'Up' was being ushered away. One cast member told us to wait a few minutes and he would get some special attention from the cast...which he sure did! It normally takes 30 minutes in line just to meet him...but Eli got to walk around the whole camp hand in hand with him!

The magic in his eyes was made this heart of mine nearly explode! Isn't that what Disneyland is all about? Feeling magical?!?! It sure was.

I am going to break this post into parts 1) because I am exhausted and 2) I refuse to omit cute pictures for the sake of an appropriate spaced post...


  1. I love that last picture :)

    I have never been to Disney and can't wait until Andrew is old enough to go. I bet your little family made some great memories on that trip!

    1. You will have so much fun! It is so magical for them...and makes it so fun for you to see their amazement!:)

  2. that's so cool he got to walk with the doggie ! :]

  3. What a wonderful family trip ;) Adorable photos!!

  4. That last picture is my favorite! What a perfect capture! I bet he had a ball there! Our tip to Disney World didn't go as well; we got rained out :o( We can't wait to take Alivia back when she's older! Can't wait to visit and see more pictures :o)

    1. Thank you! So much has changed in just the few months since we went last. He gets it so much more. Yes, try it again!!!


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