Saturday, August 25, 2012

"It's Not Goodbye--it's goodnight!" (but not yet)...

Something in the air here tells me that summer is coming to a close...

The other morning my walk way had leaves on it, and I think a pit may have developed in my stomach at the sight. Don't get me wrong, I do love fall, and all the delicious things that come with it {sweaters, pumpkin drinks, beautiful trees filled with different colored leaves...}
But I always miss summer.

Perhaps it's this.

There are many nights we leave the house to enjoy the cool breeze of the lake, walk the Farmer's Market, and breathe in as much "summer" air as possible...such as this night.

Some nights we actually listen to the concert series [free], when we think Eli might stay patient enough...but mostly we just walk around, sample vendor's delicious goodies...browse through things we certainly don't need, but want.

It's this that I love about summer time. Browsing, taking my time, wearing dresses, drinking iced teas in the most delicious of flavors, running into friends, just enjoying the outdoors...

And it's this that has my heels (flip flops) dug in.

And maybe this too.

And this of course.

(Although, I can have kisses in any time of year, somehow it is sweeter with a summer breeze..
and sticky lips from Market Night Candy...)

We bond on evenings like this. Walking hand and hand together, finding little things to love and converse about. Oh and did I mention natural light? Well, I love that too. I love how a certain time of day in the summer casts the most beautiful golden light for capturing moments (thank you hubby for these precious keepsakes)...

 And I love that no matter how many trips a week we take to feed ducks, it never gets old to him..
Or me.

One thing I will perhaps not miss as much is late bed's a love/hate sort of thing.
Love that the sun stays up longer to accomplish more summer-like activities...
Hate that Eli stays up an hour and a half longer than his usual time..

But it does leave more time for this...
So, see, I still love it.
And yep, there is still a little less than a month of summer left and you bet I am gonna enjoy every last minute of it...


  1. ugh i know!! summer coming to an end already!? all i can think of is how many days i didn't get out and go swimming or biking or picnicing...we're definitely overcompensating right now, but summer will definitely be missed around here too! PS i LOVE the picture of you and eli laughing :)

  2. I am not eager for fall either--summer is definitely my favorite time of year, and there are always so many fun things to do! Looks like you guys have been having fun!

  3. Such a sweet post; you write so beautifully! I know exactly what you mean and after reading this I think that I will miss Summer a little more than usual :o) Great pics too! I just love that one of you kissing him!

  4. you and your son are too precious!

  5. This post makes me so sad that summer has left. Fall is definitely here where we are. Love the pictures you shared. Such great memories!

    1. I know. But it has been strange this week. Really warm temperatures and the leaves are still changing! It is confusing! Thank you for all your sweet comments, means a lot:)


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